Daniel Weis

Lead Penetration Tester/Security Specialist, Kiandra IT

Daniel is the Lead Penetration Tester and Head of Security Services at Kiandra IT.


Dan has over 25 years’ experience in I.T, in a range of different industries, and was one of the first 10 people in the world to become a Certified Ethical Hacker.


Dan heads up Kiandra’s team of Cyber Security Experts, leading Red and Blue Teams on Offensive and Defensive Cyber Operations to proactively assess company and government networks to increase their security posture and not become the next "headline".


Earning the nickname “The General” as a result of his multitude of industry qualifications, Daniel also holds an additional 22 industry certifications.


In his spare time Daniel undertakes research on the cybercrime underground, facilitates training sessions for budding ethical hackers, is a regular on the speaker circuit, has appearances on Television and Radio and a number of published resources including books, magazine articles, newspaper appearances, online posts and youtube videos, and is an active participant in a variety of renowned security and industry programs.

Daniel has recently co-authored the book Learn Social Engineering that has received BookAuthority’s best books of all time award.


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